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I am having regular massages with Rosie and Yasmin from Byron Bay Mobile Massage - they are absolutely the best. I can only recommend them. And I will keep going back for more, each massage brings such a deep state of relaxation and a re-connecting to myself. Thank you to both of you :)

I first started seeing Rosie at a time when I was very overwhelmed; through just an hour massage on a regular basis I found the only the thing that gave me time for me. In the two years that I have been seeing Rosie I have come to look forward to my massages – I find that I rely on that hour of time for me and that my body/mind needs that chance to completely relax. Therapeutically it has been the best thing that I have ever given myself. Just as importantly, in the two years that I have been seeing Rosie I have come trust her; she is a caring and sincere person.

12 July 2013

I have been having regular massages from Byron Bay Mobile Massage for over 2 years. They have been amazing and have helped me with my stress management, enhanced my health and general wellbeing. Having them on a regular bases has been the key to feeling great. The professional service has given me the opportunity to trust and relax deeply.

Chan Ly
3 July 2013

I just wanted to thank you for coming out and giving me a massage the other evening, it was splendid and I slept well. Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

27 June 2013

Absolutely amazing! Very friendly, professional and polite. An absolute pleasure. Thank you for making our honeymoon so very relaxing! We really appreciate your great service.

Justin and Veronica Burgess
29 May 2013

Perfect relaxing massage just what us 4 ladies needed! Thanks Yasmin

28 April 2013

14 weary busy women travelled to Byron Bay for a weekend away of relaxation and fun. I contacted Rosie and she organised four wonderful therapists to come to our accommodation and indulge our senses with relaxation massages and facials. We all enjoyed our massages and the relaxation began... thank you to Rosie and her team.

Melissa Ryan
25 March 2013

It is with no hesitation that I highly recommend Rosie's healing hands, a.k.a massage therapy! It was pure love being worked into my body. Rosie has a lovely energy about her and has a huge open and caring heart. She listens intently and proceeds to work her magic! Her massages are exactly what you body, mind and soul needs - don't wait any longer!

Ellena Ashford
21 March 2013

Whilst on a Byron Bay holiday from Sydney, Yasmin provided treatments to all 9 members of my family and they all agreed it was a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Yasmin's highly professional Massage services.

3 Mar 2013

I am a single mother who runs my own business, a fact of life that often causes me great stress both physically and mentally. I had the privilege recently of experiencing a treatment with ROSIE BASON. I was first impressed by how caring, professional and focused she was in her Massage practice, was then overwhelmed by the blissful bodywork itself!!! I felt relieved of the heaviness in my body and grateful for the reminder of what it truly felt like to relax. I left the session feeling energised, with a clear head and balanced emotions - I ALSO LOOKED AND FELT TEN YEARS YOUNGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to try the Ancient facial release!  I would highly recommend ROSIE BASON'S loving service to anyone who wants a lift every muscle with a smile!!!!!!!!!

Elle Wright
28 February 2013

Total bliss, Rosie radiates this energy that has me shreading the pain and falling into relax mode the second I lay on the Massage table. There's no one else I have found that I could recommend more, I am always left in an amazing state of comfort for quite some time after. Come to think of it I'm over due for a treatment now.

Brad Morris
21 February 2013


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Byron Bay Mobile Massage are a team of qualified and insured therapists who offer our treatments in the comfort of your home, holiday accommodation or aged care facility. You get to relax wherever you are, with no need to drive anywhere or put your shoes on.

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