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Daniel Bennier

There is a reason that I keep going back to Rosie for massage. Because I feel amazing after each and every time. Having a massage from Rosie is one of my favourite treats and I look forward to the next one.

20 January 2017

Rosie has been giving massages for many years, all around the globe. So starting a mobile massage business was a natural course of action! There is something extra luxurious about having a massage in your own home (or accomodation as a traveller) and not having to get in a car and drive after being so relaxed. Because of Rosie's many years of massage experience, you don't actually need to tell her which part of your body needs attention, she can feel it and will work accordingly. Of course, you can ask for special attention to a certain area if needed but really, you can trust Rosie to work out the kinks, wherever they are hiding. You'll feel rejuvenated by the end of the session.

Gayle Cue
2 April 2018

Rosie is one skilled individual.

Her kind and soothing disposition made my massage in Byron a truly memorable experience.

Since my massage with Rosie I honestly have not received the service, love and care in a massage that Rosie gives, she has healing energy that allows you to leave balanced, calm and re-energised.

I feel lucky to have met her! I can't wait to come back to Byron to book in again.

Monica Jones
29 February 2016

I was at Byron Bay on holiday over NYE, and lucky enough to get a spontaneous appointment with Yasmin from Byron Bay Mobile Massage in the studio at the beach. My back was in pain from a surfing lesson two days before, and my whole upper body was tight. The massage Yasmin gave me was one of the best I have ever received in my life. She has an amazing, gentle yet firm touch, and seemed to know exactly which part of my back caused what kind of pain. We only had half an hour but my shoulders and back felt relaxed and softened afterwards, my whole body felt healed, and the fact that I could sense an energy coming from her hands, made the massage even more amazing; as if I was floating. I am certain that if I hadn’t seen Yasmin, my back would have caused me grief for days to come. I can only highly recommend Yasmin – I wished she lived in the UK, as I would surely consult her on a regular basis!

3 February 2016

I recently had two facials from Rosie and Janene at Byron Bay Mobile Massage and both were amazing. In my own home, my own space, and I felt so cared for by these women, totally held. Thank you for your awesome service Rosie and Janene, my skin and face is still beaming....

Anna McCormack
05 December 2014

I've always thought of massages as something you did in times of high stress or injury.  However, I was recently gifted a massage.  And because I wasn't feeling stiff or tense, I wasn't expecting to notice much benefit.  But what I discovered was that I was much more tense than I had realised!  After the massage, my body, face and voice were in a deep state of relaxation that was definitely more enjoyable than the state I had been in before the massage.  I won't be waiting for the next crises to have my next massage.

Not having to drive after a massage is an extra bonus!  Thank you Byron Bay Mobile Massage.

Gayle Cue

I had Rosie give me a session in my own home. She is so incredibly professional yet comes with such warmth and gentleness. From the moment she started tucking me in on the table I was completely relaxed as she had my trust. The session that followed was amazing. I have since had regular treatments and would highly recommend Byron Bay Mobile Massage to all. 

Nikki McKee
07 March 2015

Wonderful therapeutic massage that was gentle but very effective, absolute bliss! Very professional and attentive. Thank-you!

Barbara Bugeja
01 August 2015

I recently had a massage with Rosie from Byron bay mobile massage and It was exceptional experience, more than just good technically.

It left me feeling light and refreshed.

Highly recommended.

Lismore, NSW

Steve Leca
12 December 2015

I was recently on holiday in Byron Bay and booked a massage with Yasmin.

Being 7 months pregnant this was a wonderful treat.

Yasmin's massage was very relaxing and it felt like a spa had come to our apartment!

Thank you so much.

Vicky Hughes
26 July 2014

I am on holidays and I had my first bub six months ago, so I really wanted to treat myself to a massage!

I called Rosie and she was able to fit me in, and turned up three hours later!

It was a wonderful, relaxing hour. Rosie was fantastic and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you for giving me an hour of "me" time Rosie, you are a wonderful woman.

Anna H
6 July 2014


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