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Barbara Bugeja

Wonderful therapeutic massage that was gentle but very effective, absolute bliss! Very professional and attentive. Thank-you!

01 August 2015

I just had a beautiful massage experience with a practitioner named Rosie. A hot stone massage... What a treat.

What I loved about this experience is how you receive a massage which relaxes the body but then the warmth of the stones sliding over your body just lets the body melt so much deeper. I totally recommend this to anyone who feels like truly relaxing.

Thanks Rosie,

Juzzie Smith
4 July 2014

Dear Rosie,

Thank you for the Hot Stone treatment. I felt a deep sense of peace after the session. The Hot Stone combined with energy balance left me feeling energised and rejuvenated.

I am sure I floated off the table : )

3 July 2014

I highly recommend Rosie Bason and Yasmin Lang as two of the best massage therapists i have known, and i have had many massages from a variety of people...  

I have taken my two teenage children to them also, which was amazing to see and feel how relaxed and calm they both were after their massages.

Yasmin works with families, so it was great to have her massage all of us, she continues to provide tender, loving support for all of us.

Rosie is exceptionally intuitive and steady and always do i leave feeling grounded and with vitality..

Do yourself a favor and book either therapist...

Michelle Connors
13 June 2014

My husband and I booked a couples massage during our stay in Byron. It was everything we needed, relaxing, invigorating and professional. We would do it again if we ever come back. Highly recommended service, so easy as they came to our hotel room. Very happy customers!!!

8 June 2014

I was recommended Byron Bay Mobile Massage by the property agent that I rented my holiday accommodation through.

When I phoned through, I found Rosie extremely friendly and helpful and gave me all the information I needed to know regarding the massage.

She then booked Yasmin in for me for the following day.

Yasmin arrived promptly and on time for the massage, and got to work immediately. Yasmin has a great touch and worked a lot more gentle than any other massage therapists I had been to in the past. I was really happy about this, as a lot of other previous practitioners had left me sore and in pain. Besides her gentle approach, what I found amazing about Yasmin was how intuitive she was. She really knew exactly how to get into the sore and locked up areas, and release them.

Apart from my overall body being tight, I was also feeling pretty tense. Apart from releasing all my tight areas I was completely relaxed after the session. Even though slightly tight in one or two areas following the session, it was the best my back had been in months.

The next time I’m in Byron I will definitely be coming back for another session, and will highly recommend to anyone is serious need of some serious body stress release.

Anton Katz
7 May 2014

Thanks to Yasmin and the team at Byron Bay Mobile Massage - a great service and deeply relaxing packages -

You must try the Revamp Package - Thanks I will be calling on you very soon for another afternoon of pampering!!!

Jo Fysh
4 January 2014

I have had several sessions with Yasmin Lang and would highly recommend her for a massage.

The massages that Yasmin provides are gentle, relaxing, healing and carried out with absolute professionalism.

The honesty and integrity that Yasmin demonstrates allows me to relax and get more benefits from the massage.

I cannot speak highly enough about Yasmin and the whole Byron Mobile Massage team.

Brian Piper, Teacher, Byron Bay
5 January 2014

I was recently on holiday in Byron Bay and was lucky enough to be able to enjoy two one hour massages. Rosie is absolutely amazing and they were hands down the best massages I have ever had.

In the past I have always been left feeling sore after having a massage or would often be in pain while having the massage done but both of Rosie's massages left me feeling utterly relaxed. She has a very holistic approach and you can feel that she is completely present when she is with you. She puts a lot of care and attention in to the massages that she is giving, it was unlike any that I have had before. I slept like a baby my entire holiday thanks to Rosie's massages - she is absolutely amazing!!!! Rosie is someone who makes you feel relaxed and at ease, she is such a lovely person - thank you so much for helping me to relax and unwind :)

Kathryn Rosenburg
12 October 2013

I first started seeing Rosie at a time when I was very overwhelmed; through just an hour massage on a regular basis I found the only the thing that gave me time for me. In the two years that I have been seeing Rosie I have come to look forward to my massages – I find that I rely on that hour of time for me and that my body/mind needs that chance to completely relax. Therapeutically it has been the best thing that I have ever given myself. Just as importantly, in the two years that I have been seeing Rosie I have come trust her; she is a caring and sincere person.

12 July 2013

I have been having regular massages from Byron Bay Mobile Massage for over 2 years. They have been amazing and have helped me with my stress management, enhanced my health and general wellbeing. Having them on a regular bases has been the key to feeling great. The professional service has given me the opportunity to trust and relax deeply.

Chan Ly
3 July 2013


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