"I've always thought of massages as something you did in times of high stress or injury.  However, I was recently gifted a massage.  And because I wasn't feeling stiff or tense, I wasn't expecting to notice much benefit.  But what I discovered was that I was much more tense than I had realised!  After the massage, my body, face and voice were in a deep state of relaxation that was definitely more enjoyable than the state I had been in before the massage.  I won't be waiting for the next crises to have my next massage.


Not having to drive after a massage is an extra bonus!  Thank you Byron Bay Mobile Massage."

~ Gayle Cue

"There is a reason that I keep going back to Rosie for massage. Because I feel amazing after each and every time. Having a massage from Rosie is one of my favourite treats and I look forward to the next one."

~ Daniel Bennier