Byron Bay Mobile Massage - Relaxation Massage


Our Byron Bay Relaxation Massage gives you an opportunity to let go of your daily stresses and relax. There is no pain involved. The therapist gently massages your body and works on those areas where you are tight but there is no digging or elbows involved.


We include a mini head massage and a facial massage within our Relaxation Massage as it aids in releasing old tension and stress that we hold in our face and head. You can also ask our therapists to massage your abdomen if you like, it may be supportive if you have an digestive issues. Basically, this is your massage and you can ask the therapist to spend more or less time in any area that you wish or just enjoy a full body massage.

Have a one hour massage or why not really enjoy some time for you and try the 90 minute Relaxation Massage which gives you just the perfect amount of time to let go, fully relax and not feel like it is all over too soon.

1 hr  Relaxation Massage $110*

1.5 hr Relaxation Massage $150

*Extra travel fee may be applicable if only one massage is booked. Payment is made at time of massage.

"Rosie's massage is beyond 5 stars... the care and support I felt in the session was deeply nurturing and holding. Thank you again."

~ Desiree Delaloye