• Rosie Bason

The massage industry is not regulated.

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Have you ever questioned if your massage therapist is trained? Have you ever wondered if the Massage shop in the shopping centre has qualified staff? Have you ever asked your therapist what qualifications they have? The Massage Industry is not regulated so it is important that you ask.

Most would think that if someone has opened a shop or clinic, and they are offering their services to the general public, that they would have some qualifications and would have to pass some sort of test or exam to be able to be let loose on anyone right?

The reality is, in Australia the massage industry is not regulated.

Anyone can call themselves a massage therapist. Anyone can start up a massage business and offer their services and they can operate however they want and there is no one who checks on you.

I was quite shocked by this when I first figured it out and have been researching it quite a bit.

There has been word that in some places, one therapist will be qualified and have a health fund provider number, and many of the non qualified staff will sign off under their name. Now this is a big No No but it happens and I have heard it happens a lot.

As a business owner, I personally take responsibility of all the staff that I employ to ensure that they are qualified, experienced and continuing their education. I want and know all about them and what they are doing before I allow them to massage anyone. Why? Because I really care about our clients and would never want anyone to be hurt or receive an average massage.

As the Massage Industry is not regulated, I make it my business to ensure that the massages our therapist offer are of a high standard and that our clients are in safe hands at all times.