• Rosie Bason

So what is self-care?

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

What is self care, and how do I use it in my life? It was not until about 7 years ago that I realised that I really didn't care too much about myself, or took much care in how I looked after this body of mine.

My journey with changing my behaviour and my self care began by making a few adjustments to how I treated myself. Did I feel to put on extra clothes if it was cold, or did I just carry on and tough it out.

I tried and I liked how I felt when I took the time to appreciate, love and care for myself so  I played around with this and I tried things like:

  • going to bed a bit earlier, when I felt tired, rather than pushing through and ignoring the fact that I was tired.

  • I started exercising and gave myself the time to do some stretching and

  • I took the time to put cream on my body, gently massaging it in with enjoyment rather than just rushing out the door and not caring.

  • I would buy groceries for the week so that there would be enough food in the fridge and I would pre prepare some meals so that if I was tired and I did not feel like cooking I would still be able to eat a healthy meal.

Self care also involves making sure I take time to go for a walk to connect to my body or time for a massage or time for a rest.

Self care is forever changing for me, because what was once a self caring choice in the past is just a normal part of my life today.

To continue developing and expanding my self care, I have to find ways to deepen the way that I care for myself and check in with how I am feeling with everything that is going on in my life at any given time. 

I still tend to take too much on, and be too busy or put myself at the end of the to do list. Can you relate? So I remind myself to take time to have a bath, I take time to paint my toe nails and I take time to go visit friends rather than stay at home and do more work.

The more I develop self caring moments in my life for me, means I have more care and love for myself and therefore the more care and love I have to share and reflect to everyone in my life.