• Rosie Bason

Owning and running Byron Bay Mobile Massage

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

I own a mobile massage business in Byron Bay and I started it on my own. I tried to do it all by myself at first as I liked to be in control and felt that I could not rely on anyone. So it was me, trying to do all the work and not getting very far. Can you relate?

But luckily over the years, things have changed and I have grown...

I have allowed others to be a part of the business, I have been open to their input and to their suggestions. What was once a one woman show now has a core team that at times expands when needed. 

Where at first I could only offer the services I was qualified for, which was limited, we can now offer a range of services and time is not an issue as there are lots of us available to do the work. Between us all, we offer Relaxation Massage, Remedial Massage, Aged care and palliative care massage, Pregnancy Massage, Facials, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot stone massage and pampering packages. Because we are a team, we can offer individual or group bookings which can be a lot of fun.

What has been great, is the fact that we work together as a team. There is support and I don’t feel like a boss. I have set standards that I would like us all to work within, and a certain level of structure but at the same time there is room for each and every individual to add their own flavour, to be themselves and to be responsible for the role they play.

Each person is a valuable part of the team, and I appreciate them so much because without each of them, we would not be where we are today. It just confirms to me even more, how we can create and be so much more when we open up to others and allow them in and work together rather than stay isolated and work on our own.

I love all of my different roles, as a business owner, as a parent and as a full time worker for another company, and I still enjoy massaging on the weekends as it is great to get away from the desk and meet people. Visiting different people in different locations and seeing them before and after a massage is always rewarding. I love the effect that massage has on everyone.