• Rosie Bason

Massage & Men

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

The perception is that men need a good strong massage, where knuckles and elbows are needed to get in there and make a difference as they are so strong and built like a rock, but from my experience, men don’t need this at all.

Men, are naturally such tender beings, and although some of them walk around with the strongest of bodies, their muscles pumped up as if they have built their bodies up as another form of protection, or armour, this is not the case for all of them. Some men may be built up because they are taking care of their bodies and they enjoy exercising and working out. For others the strength in their bodies is just a side effect or end result from the job that they perform each day, through manual labour but regardless of how strong the men are, and how their body is built, men are very tender and sensitive beings.

With over 20 years of massaging, what I have noticed is often it is the women that ask for more pressure when massaging and it is the men that are more sensitive to touch and are able to get the most out of their massage without the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality.

The fact is, muscles are able to let go and you get more out of a massage when there is no digging, pummelling and pushing. The massage therapist is able to access the deeper layers of muscle tissue, when the superficial (top) layers are not contracted and clenched in a form of protection. When the body feels safe, the muscles can release and completely let go. When  the body feels  like  it  has  to take a deep breath and brace for the next massage stroke, something is not right. Also when there is that much digging and pressure being applied, the body has to go into an anti inflammatory response and that isn’t actually supporting the body at all and what you really don't want is to be bruised.

Bruising is not a good side effect. It is in fact a signal from the body to stop.There is no such thing as ‘good’ pain.

If it hurts, it is harming and putting unnecessary tension in the body. If on the other hand, the massage is firm, and supports the body to let go, then you are able to surrender and let go even more.

With the stressful lives that many men are living these days, taking time out for you, taking time to care for your body is so important because we are not much use to anyone else if we are not taken care of first and foremost.

It is lovely to see that men are taking care of their bodies more today than ever before by including regular massage as part of their health and wellbeing. We often take great care to look after our cars, but our body is the vehicle for our soul and deserves the best care that we can offer it.