• Rosie Bason

Byron Bay- Is your therapist QUALIFIED?

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Australia's most easterly point, Byron Bay (or otherwise known as "Byron", if you're local) is renowned not only for its astounding beauty but for its diverse range of massages and every kind of healing treatment known to humankind.

In Byron Bay you can walk down the street and see so many different healing treatments on offer and when you open any of the visitors booklets you will see page after page of whats on offer in our area if you are looking for a Byron Bay massage or healing but is your therapist qualified?

Having worked as a business owner in the area for for 8 years, I have had so many phone calls and emails from therapists looking for work and to be honest, I haven't been able to hire many because when I have asked them if they have insurance they say no, and when I ask them if they have any qualifications they say no. One thing they often say is that they know how how to do this or that and have had years of experience but no certificates and no formal training.

At Byron Bay Mobile Massage we are often short of therapists and have to turn business away but we don't want to put anyone at risk and have a practitioner work on them who is not trained and qualified. The team of massage therapists at Byron Bay Mobile Massage are qualified and insured and are always looking at ways to expand their knowledge.

I have completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage at Evolve College to ensure that I had the most current massage qualification, the nationally recognized HLT52015 and I highly recommend it. I have improved my massage skills even though I have been massaging for over 20 years and first started studying massage when I was 18.

Changes are always happening in most industries and there is always more to learn, and in many cases, what we may have learnt years ago has been improved on in many ways.