Byron Bay Chakra-puncture


Chakra-puncture is a revolutionary needle therapy.


Chakra-puncture is safe and gentle and unlike Traditional Chinese acupuncture, the Chakra-puncture needles are very pliable and specifically developed needles that are tube delivered and are only inserted at a depth of about 0.2 to 0.5mm.


A new needle is used each time, that is sterile and is only opened at time of use.

Chakra-puncture is complementary to medicine and many clients have noted that is has supported them along side their regular doctors visits and medication.

Please visit for more information and what to expect in a Chakra-puncture session or visit for more information. 

Please note that Chakra-puncture is not available as a mobile service but we welcome you to visit us in Byron Bay or Lismore. Please call for more information.

This is a treat you do not want to miss out on while in Byron Bay. I felt so relaxed and yet felt so clear and alive!

~ Paul C