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I have tried all different types of meditations, from guided ones, silent ones, walking ones and lots of ones where I fell asleep. For a long time meditation became an excuse to check out, to not feel and hopefully feel better afterwards.


Rosie Bason


I just had a blog publshed on the Esoteric Women's Health website and felt to share it with you all.


Rosie Bason

I own a mobile massage business in Byron Bay and I started it on my own. I tried to do it all by myself at first as I liked to be in control and felt that I could not rely on anyone. So it was me, trying to do all the work and not getting very far. Can you relate?

Rosie Bason - Byron Bay Mobile Massage

How many times have you had a massage and you feel that you have been lying face down for too long?  Do your sinuses fill up and does your face start to feel like it is being deformed by the face cradle?

Yasmin Lang

A guest post by Yasmin Lang
- Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in Aged Care Massage

I was invited to give a presentation at an Aged Care Centre, to bring awareness to the benefits and support massage can provide. I did not know what I was going to talk about until I stood before fifty or so residents and staff and started sharing what felt right from my own experience.

Rosie Bason

I massaged a woman last week, and at the end of her massage she said that she had just experienced the best massage she had ever had in her life.

It was a lovely compliment. She explained to me that in the past all the massages that she had ever had felt quite painful and that she could never relax. Quite the opposite had happened really, she would brace herself for the next painful dig and tense up all her muscles.   At the end of the massage she would feel quite relieved that it was over, and would then feel quite uncomfortable for a few days.

Eunice Miniford

The word esoteric just means ‘from within’ or ‘innermost’. Thus Esoteric Healing is about healing from within, from one’s innermost. It is about coming to know, understand, experience and feel for ourselves what this innermost is and how we can then make daily choices from that place, which are healthy for us.

The innermost essence of everyone is pure Love; it is a place of stillness, where all is observed, held, understood, allowed, accepted and no judgment whatsoever exists.


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