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Women’s Health – Where is it at these days?

Women’s Health – Where is it at these days?
Rosie Bason, Byron Bay Mobile Massage
Byron Bay Mobile MassageApr 16, 2017

Working as a Massage therapist, I get to meet a lot of women and hear quite a few details about their health issues. I am not qualified to support them with their health issues on a medical level, and leave that to their doctor but I am here to support their health with Massage, Esoteric Healing, Connective Tissue Therapy and Chakra-Puncture which are all great complimentary to medicine modalities.

I have been learning the Universal Medicine Healing Therapies for the past seven years and have been a massage therapist for almost 20 years. What I have experienced myself in my own healing in the last seven years has been incredible and I have also witnessed so many changes for friends and clients thanks to the Esoteric Women’s Health and the Universal Medicine Healing Therapies.

In general, Women’s health seems to be getting a bit out of control wouldn’t you say. It seems as if it is normal that women have painful periods, or even, no period at all and that having polycystic ovaries is common and so many women are having this or that issue from hot flushes to hysterectomies, but no one is really talking about it.

There seems to be shame about it all, as if we are not perfect so we better just hide it and not mention it because we don’t want to be a failure.

But what if many women are experiencing the same kind of issues.

What if we really do need to talk about it and change our ways? 


If we keep ignoring our bodies, and what they are communicating, we will just have more illness and disease and clearly the way that women have been living is not really working. The proof is in the high rates of illness and disease and how exhausted so many women are.



• Why do we treat our bodies as a machine rather than the preciousness that they are?

• Why do we try to be strong like the men, and even champion the fact that we can multi task, and work crazy long hours when our body is not designed that way?

• Is it because we do not value ourselves enough?

• Is our self worth so low that our body and how we feel is not even considered? 

These are all good questions to ask and perhaps it is time that we put ourselves on the top of the list rather than not on the list at all. Just taking the time to have a massage or an Esoteric Healing or Chakra-Puncture session can be a small step in taking care of you and making time to stop. You are worth it.

Our female body is delicate and precious and it needs to honoured and we are the ones to lead the way and make the changes. No one else will do it for us. The more we as women are able to self care, and love ourselves, the more love we will have for everyone else in our families, work places and communities...


And trust me, the men will love it when we stop trying to out do them, when we allow them to be men, and we allow and appreciate the power we have as women when we stop pushing and just surrender to the stillness within and allow our delicate preciousness to shine.

3 comments on "Women’s Health – Where is it at these days?"

Submitted by Laura Hoy (not verified) on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 05:14

I really like this line in your blog - '...when we allow them to be men, and we allow and appreciate the power we have as women..' I feel this is really important, to value that quality in women, we have a power that is not about out doing men and slogging our guts out to achieve at the expense of our body - there is a natural power that is still full of grace, that I suspect if we let it out, would literally bring men to their knees (by melting them not scaring them!).
Rosie Bason's picture

Submitted by Rosie Bason on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 05:29

I have chatted to a few men about this lately and they love it when women stop the competition and stop trying to out do them. They like to support and be needed and can only do this if the woman give them space to do so. It reminded me that I don't have to be fiercely independent and I do have to open up to the support.

Submitted by Ingrid Ward (not verified) on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 05:47

"Our female body is delicate and precious and it needs to honoured" - it sure does Rosie, but like a lot of women, I have not treated it as such. In fact, for many years I treated it very unlovingly and wondered why it kept breaking down. Once I made the choice to begin to treat my body with the love and care that it absolutely deserves not only did my well-being improve, so did my life.

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