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Whole Body Intelligence

Whole Body Intelligence
Rosie Bason
Byron Bay Mobile MassageJan 07, 2017

The more that I have learnt to take care of my body and develop self loving ways and appreciate and develop my awareness, I have discovered that my body has it’s own, whole body intelligence that for most of my life I have dismissed.

My whole body intelligence lets me know

  • • When I am tired and feel to rest
  • • When I should say NO, “that won’t support me” or “I don’t want to do that”
  • • When I have eaten something that makes me bloat or feel groggy
  • • When I have said something that not only hurts me but those around me
  • • When something is too heavy for me to carry, and the list goes on….


Our whole body intelligence is not just about how we feel physically but how we are in all aspects of our life. How we live, move, speak and feel.

I have learnt to override my body’s messages and carry on regardless, in fact I was an expert at this. This was like a complete insult to what my body knew and felt, and in a moment of seeking recognition, to be liked, or to not stand out in the crowd, I would give in and go against what my body was asking of me.

We have lived thinking that we are intelligent, yet we often make choices that are extremely harmful to our bodies such as over eating, drinking high stimulant drinks such as coffee or energy drinks that completely wreck our nervous systems or inhale smoke into our lungs and stay up way past our bedtime, as we do not honour how important sleep is to our body.

I have done all of these things so am not pointing the finger at anyone, but just having an appreciation of my current awareness which allows me to make more choices that support my body rather than not. I have learnt about whole body intelligence and continue to learn more about this from the presentations by Serge Benhayon.

In the past I would meditate to get away from my body, as I didn’t want to feel what was truly there, but these days my meditation is to re-connect and feel, and that way I can be deeply aware of what my body is communicating to me at all times and then I move in whole body intelligence. 

Injury and tension in our body is often there but because we don’t take the time to feel it or be aware of it, then we can live with it for years, and it builds up and we find ways to walk differently or to compensate for it and then years later when we are looking for a solution, we can’t even remember where it first started. 

People often seek relief through massage and are wanting a quick fix without taking the time to be aware of their bodies and they do not recognise that the choices that they have made may have resulted in their bodies feeling the way that it does. 

Being aware of our bodies and our whole body intelligence is so important for health and vitality and it is simple and free. Just taking time to re-connect with you, have short meditations now and then, and feeling your feet as you walk are some simple ways to connect to that awareness.

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