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What is there to appreciate?

What is there to appreciate?
Rosie Bason
Byron Bay Mobile MassageAug 24, 2017

There is often so much to appreciate but do we actually express appreciation and let others know?

I had a massage today with one of the therapists at Byron Bay Mobile Massage and it was so so good. At one point, I thought to myself, if I were a cat, I would be purrrrring. 

I appreciated the fact that she could see me early in the morning, that she took the time to warm the room and how caring she is. She knew exactly what my body needed and I felt so at ease that I could really relax and let go.

Later in the day, I was thinking of all the therapists that are part of Byron Bay Mobile Massage and how long we have all been working together. We are more like a family than co workers and we all get together and have dinners, and support each other on the phone. We kind of have to, because when we massage together, we are all quiet and can’t talk. 

It is something to appreciate, having these amazing therapists as part of the team, and who I can recommend to anyone, knowing that they will get the best service in town.

And on the note of appreciation, I also really love and appreciate all the awesome customers that I get to meet, as they spend a few days or weeks in Byron Bay. I love how everyone has their own story and how comfortable they seem to be with me. It’s great, our paths may only meet for a short time, but it can at times feel like we have known each other for much longer.

There is so much to appreciate, the people in our lives that inspire us, and offer the support when we most need it, the person in the check out who lets you jump the queue when you only have a few things, or the person who lets you in when the traffic is lined up. Do we stop to take the time to appreciate the flower that is blooming in front of us or the sun that shines so bright.

One of the other things that I appreciate today is the fact that we get to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Having sailed around the world, and having lived in many countries, I really do feel that the Northern NSW area is perfect and I love that this is my home. 

What do you have to appreciate today?

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