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Supporting and caring for each other

Supporting and caring for each other
Rosie Bason, Byron Bay Mobile Massage
Byron Bay Mobile MassageApr 25, 2017

There are times in life where you come across special moments that you find yourself in, and one of those happened today. I felt to share it because we can get caught up in so much in life and forget to appreciate the small things and the beautiful friends we have. This is a beautiful interaction showing friends supporting and caring for each other. Here is a text conversation I had with a complete stranger today.

Hello Rosie

I have a friend that arrived in Byron yesterday and I want to do something nice for her, she has family arriving Wednesday, so is only free Monday or Tuesday - can you provide a massage at home either day?

If so , what would be the cost? And can I pay for it in a credit card over the phone?

Thank you

Hi, I can arrange a therapist for your friend either Monday or Tuesday. A one hour relaxation massage is $100

You can pay via direct deposit if you like.  Let me know if this works and I can arrange a therapist for you. 

Thanks, Rosie 

Hi Rosie

Thanks for quick response, we want it to be a surprise, might sound weird but she is in a holiday house and I don't know the address - I didn't want to ask as she would get suspicious.

So, if I text you her mobile, would you call her and say two of her friends have arranged and paid for a massage and ask what day and time suits her and you guys?

If you send me bank details, I will do deposit today.

Is all that okay?

Sure that is fine but you won't get to hear her surprise!

I know! Don't know what else to do!

Do you use oil?

She is an arbonne fanatic- so I dunno what she will be like with massage oil- ha, good luck.

Text me bank details when ready and I'll send her mobile 

Thanks again

BYRON BAY MOBILE MASSAGE BANK DETAILS: Byron Bay Mobile Massage BSB: 00 12345  Account: 0000 1234

Great thanks, what's her name and number?

This lovely lady then sends me a payment receipt…and a few more texts:

Her name is ……

You can just say two of her friends wanted her to have a nice treat.

She may guess, if not you can tell her.

Her mobile is 0412 345 678

How exciting, such fun.

Thanks again for your quickness

Let me know if any problems

There was no answer so I left a brief message! This is fun!

Ha! Too cool.

Thanks, I wish I had fun friends like me!

I managed to get onto the friend and she was so shocked but guessed who her friends were straight away! She almost cried and was such a sweet lady. I enjoyed every second talking to her and feeling her appreciation of the gift she just received. It felt lovely to be in the middle of this interaction, between friends, showing their love and support for each other. We arranged her massage, talked about how sweet her friends are to plan this for her and said our goodbyes. I then sent a text back to the two friends:

She was almost in tears and guessed straight away. I love it! 


Bit emotional at the moment

She needs the treat

Can't thank you enough

Was lovely to be a part of... almost want to turn the text messages into a sweet blog and write about it. 

It is great when we have friends who care and show the love

Well that sounds like a nice thing to do.

She is a very good egg and deserves to be spoilt. 

And soon after the massage, the therapist sent me a text to let me know how much she enjoyed it. Later in the evening, I recieved another text: 

Hi Rosie, so and so really loved the massage today with Giselle. A very memorable experience she did not want to end, she said. Thanks!

When we don't hold back, and we express our love for each other and support one another, it doesn't just affect the giver and the receiver, but everyone else involved, and this is what inspired me to share this as I didn't even give the massage but felt it all just by being the organizer. When we express, be it love or anger or any emotion for that matter, it has an effect on everyone. Its ripples travel far beyond what we actually see.

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