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Clairsentience – do you have it and do you use it?

Clairsentience – do you have it and do you use it?
Rosie Bason, Byron Bay Mobile Massage
Byron Bay Mobile MassageFeb 28, 2017

You know when you were a child…. And you felt things and just knew that what your parents or friends were saying didn’t feel right? 

You know that sense you have when you just know that someone is not speaking the truth?

You know that feeling of walking into a room and something feels a bit odd?

You know that feeling when you are with someone and you just know that there is more to be said but no one is communicating?

The thing is, we are all clairsentient and we can feel energy, all of the time but as we have grown up, we have not been supported to build and honour this quality, and instead we have shut down our 6th sense more and more.

We have even questioned someone when we have felt they are not telling the truth or we have asked someone if they are having the same feeling as we are and then if they don't feel it, we start to doubt ourselves and our clairsentience shuts down. We shut down because there is so much to feel all the time, and without any support, we can be overwhelmed by all that is there to be felt.

As a massage therapist, I use my clairsentience all of the time, it begins the moment I talk to someone on the phone. I can get a sense of who they are and what they are looking for.

I don’t want myself or one of my therapists to be put in an awkward situation so I feel the other person on the phone to ensure that they want a therapeutic massage and not one with a happy ending or anything like that, as that is not a service we offer. I don’t often get the phone calls, but when I do, I know straight away and can let the person know we can’t help them.

My clairsentience is there when I arrive at a house to do a massage, I can feel if the client feels shy or uneasy with a stranger in their home, and that allows me to connect with them and create a space where they get to know me and feel more at ease.

And all the while, when I am using my clairsentience, others are using theirs, and it allows them to feel me and feel safe, and that is why so many can just relax on the table , surrender and even fall asleep. 

Our clairsentience is a quality we all have, and as we use it more and more, it confirms what we have felt , and know deeply within us. Then we will keep being open to it, as it is a tool and a gift that can support us through life. 

We just have to trust it.


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