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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage Byron Bay

Our Relaxation Massage gives you an opportunity to let go of your daily stresses and relax. There is no pain involved. The therapist gently massages your body and works on those areas where you are tight but there is no digging or elbows involved. We include a mini head massage and a mini Ancient Facial Release within our Relaxation Massage as it aids in releasing old tension and stress that we hold in our face.  

Have a one hour massage or why not really enjoy some time for you and try the 90 minutre Relaxation Massage which gives you just the perfect amount of time to let go, fully relax and finishes off with your feet being gently wrapped in warm towels. Heavenly!

Listen to a short audio about Relaxation Massage by Byron Bay Mobile Massage.

60-90 mins

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Byron Bay

If you are experiencing aches, pains, or old sporting injuries a Remedial massage can be beneficial for you. Our therapists have found that the body responds well to a gentle remedial massage without the need to dig away or push hard in the painful areas that are holding tension. The body is then able to release the tension as it is not bracing against the pain. Our experience with this way of working with the body has resulted in great results for many of our clients.

As our therapists are fully trained, they are able to offer you health rebates.

60-90 mins

Hot Stone Massage

Byron Bay Mobile Massage Hot Stone Massage

Byron Bay’s Hot Stone Massage is perfect for the winter months, and a great way to relax. The therapist heats the smooth volcanic stones to a safe temperature and massages your body with them and also places some on specific areas of your body to warm and relax the muscles.

Combining the hot stones with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones may expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The warmth of the hot stones may have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.



90 minutes

Couples Massage

Are you planning a romantic weekend away to Byron Bay?  Would you both like to receive a massage at the same time?

Couples massages may not always be available as a last minute booking so please book ahead if possible.

If you are not in a rush, and would like a discount, we do offer a $20 discount per booking if you have your massages one after the other. 

We highly recommend that you have the 90 minute Relaxation Massage as this allows you the time to really let go of all the stress and tensions held in your body. This Massage includes an Indian Head Massage, an Ancient Facial Release and a lovely foot massage followed by warm towels.

For our Mobile Service:

Relaxation Massage 1 hour $100 per person or $140 for 90mins 
Remedial Massage 1 hour $120 per person or $160 for 90 mins

If you would like to come to the Byron Bay Well-Being Centre, it is only 

Relaxation Massage 1 hour $80 per person or $120 for 90mins 
Remedial Massage 1 hour $100 per person or $140 for 90 mins


Pregnancy Massage

A woman’s body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote a general wellbeing. Our therapists are fully trained in pregnancy massage and therefore you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

60-90 mins

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Byron Bay

Relax and release all the stress and tension held in your head, neck and shoulders with an Indian Head Massage. This session can be done on its own or as a part of another session.

60 minutes


Reflexology Byron Bay

The condition of the feet reflects the state of the body. This treatment is gentle and loving, supporting you in bringing true connection and wellbeing to yourself. This includes a massage of the lower legs.

60 mins

Create & Customise Your Treatment

Feel free to combine and create your own treatment that feels right for you, combine an Indian Head Massage with one of our Mobile Day Spa services, or a Remedial massage with one of our mobile beauty services or why not experience an Esoteric Healing session or try one of our holistic therapy options.

If you are unsure, call and speak to one of our therapists who will be able to assist you in deciding whats right for you.

Please note: We are not available after 7pm.

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Group Bookings

Discounts available for groups of 4 or more people. Please call to enquire. All group bookings are required to pay a deposit. Discounts are not available for last minute bookings. 

Appointments and Cancellations

Please be on time for your appointment. Cancellation is expected 24 hours in advance for both client and therapist. If you provide less than 24 hours notice, and we are unable to fill you appointment time you may be responsible for the fee. If you are late you will receive only the amount remaining of your scheduled appointment.

About Us

Byron Bay Mobile Massage are a team of qualified and insured therapists who offer our treatments in the comfort of your home, holiday accommodation or aged care facility. You get to relax wherever you are, with no need to drive anywhere or put your shoes on.

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The team at Byron Bay Mobile Massage are available to massage in the Byron Bay Area, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Alstonville, Ballina, Lismore, Clunes, Federal, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores and surrounding areas.

To book a session call Rosie on 0411720799 or book online.